The biggest risk to underground pipelines and associated infrastructure is people or organisations carrying out unapproved digging or works near the pipeline.


Whilst DBP conducts frequent aerial surveillance and monitors the operation of the pipeline 365 days per year, 24 hours per day we also rely on the cooperation of landowners and third parties to maintain continued safe operations.


Click here to read DBP’s Pipeline Safety and You brochure which explains what you need to be aware of if you live or work near an underground pipeline.

Working near the DBNGP

The DBNGP is located in an infrastructure corridor owned by the State Government of WA through the DBNGP Land Access Minister and it is managed by the Department of Land’s Infrastructure Corridor Branch. Property owners, pipeline operators and third parties that wish to carry out activities or works within this corridor need to seek the Minister’s approval under Section 41 of the Dampier to Bunbury Pipeline Act 1997.


Should you wish to make an application, please see “Non-gas Pipeline Related Activities” in the Land Use Guidelines available at the Department of Lands website. You can also read DBP’s Pipeline Safety and You fact sheet.


When proposing works in the DBNGP corridor, an application form is required to be submitted to the Department of Lands detailing:

  • The area where access is required
  • The type of works to be carried out
  • Time frame for commencement and completion of the works
  • A map showing the location of the works
  • The company or party responsible for the works, and
  • The company’s sealing clause where applicable

The form can be submitted to:

The Manager Infrastructure Corridors

PO Box 1143


Fax: +61 8 6552 4417


For further information, please consult the Department of Lands DBNGP corridor Land Use Guidelines page.


Once the Department of Lands has approved the application and conditions are met, arrangements will be made for a DBP Third Party Works Officer and/or Land Management representative to be onsite to witness the work and to ensure the specified conditions are adhered to during construction.


Conditions may include and relate to:

  • Safe Work Methods
  • Responsibility for costs
  • Powers of inspection
  • Responsibility for damage
  • Liability and indemnity


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