WA’s strong and diverse resource industry has positioned the State front and centre in the economic landscape of Australia.


Both natural gas and the pipeline play an important role in the State’s economy, providing the energy many major mining and resources customers need to power their operations. Manufacturing and minerals processing industries are also underpinned by energy produced from natural gas.


In fact, WA is the most energy and gas-dependent economy in Australia with natural gas supplying more than half of WA’s primary energy needs.

Fast Facts about the DBNGP:

  • Approximately 1539km of mainline pipe, 1228km of loop pipe and 300km of lateral pipe.
  • 10 compressor station sites with a total of 27 compressor units.
  • The mainline, loop and lateral pipes are buried to provide stability in gas transportation and protection from damage.
  • The pipeline is expected to be in service for at least the next 50 years.
  • The designed Firm Full Haul capacity of 845 Tj/day


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