DBP has the following functional lines of responsibility:


People and Strategy People and Culture, Audit & Compliance, Strategy, Assurance & Risk, Compliance and Economics
Finance & Legal Financial Reporting, Treasury, Financial Analysis, Taxation, Business Planning, Insurance and Legal
Customer & Technology Information Technology, Customer & Market Services and Distribution Customer Services
Commercial Commercial Operations, Control Room, Business Development, Billing Services, Travel and Contracts and Procurement
Transmission Asset Management Engineering, Pipeline Efficiency, Pipeline Development, Asset Strategy, Land Management, Projects, HSE and Training & Development
Transmission Operations Mainline Maintenance, Facilities Maintenance, Planning & Supply, Technical & Operational Support, Filed Technical Services and Project Interface
Network Operations Engineering, Service Delivery, Asset Development, Network Strategy and Network Operations


The DBP Development Group (‘DDG’) business is supported by DBP labour resources via the establishment of Support Service Agreements.


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