Safe Operations

DBP’s approach to business is to meet or exceed all applicable laws and regulations and minimises risk to our employees, the public and the environment. We have a proven track record of outstanding rehabilitation of the environment in communities in which we work. A powerful example of this approach can be seen in the Perth suburb of Ellenbrook, where there were extensive and heavy works during the Stage 5B expansion. First class environmental rehabilitation took place and the community now enjoys an attractive and functional open space for cycling and recreation.


Another example is the construction of the Honeywood Estate, a major residential development south of Perth, where DBP and the developer worked together to redesign the DBNGP Corridor surface to blend into the estate’s Public Open Space and using landscaping to separate the DBNGP from residential dwellings.


These two developments have set examples of residential developments co locating with the DBNGP.

Carbon reduction and energy efficiency

DBP plays an important role in transporting low emission natural gas to users in WA. In doing this, we carefully manage our own energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


In recognition of the important role energy efficiency can play in reducing costs and greenhouse gas emissions, DBP has in place a company-wide energy and greenhouse gas management program called Energy Smart. The program works across the business to minimise energy use and GHG emissions, support an energy saving culture and position DBP to comply with State and Australian energy and emissions regulations.


The DBNGP reports its GHG emissions under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting scheme and will be a Designated Large Facility under the Safeguard Mechanism commencing July 2016. Further details, including reported emissions, are available from the Clean Energy Regulator


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