Safety Case

A Safety Case developed by DBP and approved by the WA Department of Mines Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety sets out the health and safety requirements for working on or near the DBNGP. This applies to operational and project works. Regular audits ensure that management processes comply with the Safety Case and accepted industry practices.

Safety Innovations

An important part of the ZeroHarm philosophy is a focus on continual improvement. In recent years DBP has introduced initiatives which represent the very best in safety technology.


Employees’ working on the DBNGP drive in excess of 2 million kilometres per year and to ensure their safety, Journey Management is taken very seriously and applied to all Remote Travel.


The Journey Management system consists of an In-Vehicle Monitoring System, known as SPOT, which interfaces with the satellite network allowing for the location of the vehicles to be tracked in real time. The system also consists of a Garmin GPS display programed with DBNGP specific maps giving off-road locations on unmarked dirt roads. Both systems are programed to provide the most up to date technology which allows for driver behaviour and vehicle conditions to be monitored.


DBP have undertaken major engineering works over the past two years to minimise risks associated with working at heights. Out-dated standards set in place during the construction of the pipeline in 1984 have been bought into line with the most up to date standards.


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