Tanami Gas Pipeline Project

Fuelling the future of Tanami

Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG) has made an undertaking to build, own and operate the Tanami Gas Pipeline, an 8-inch underground pipeline bringing natural gas to the Newmont Tanami mine sites.


Running for approximately 440km, the Tanami Gas Pipeline will carry gas from an Inlet Meter Station connecting to the Amadeus Gas Pipeline, at a location approximately 180km north west of Alice Springs, to the Granites and Dead Bullock Soak power stations at the Newmont Tanami facilities.


We will keep all landholders and local communities well informed throughout the project and provide ongoing opportunities for any questions or concerns to be discussed.


Proposed pipeline route

The Pipeline will generally follow the alignment of Tanami Road and pass through a mix of pastoral land, Aboriginal freehold land and Crown land.


This map shows our proposed pipeline corridor. We have conducted consultations with the communities which has helped define the final route with particular consideration given to the existing infrastructure, utilities, pastoral, mining, environmental, Aboriginal heritage and sacred sites impacts.


Construction and installation

Construction is planned to commence in the second quarter of 2018 and will take approximately 10 months. During this time, we will keep those living or working near the pipeline fully informed on the project’s progress.


Construction will take place in a dedicated right of way with additional work areas such as access tracks, turn around points, construction camps and water storage facilities along the pipeline route.


The pipeline will be built by AGIG using industry leading and highly experienced contractors. The pipe is being manufactured overseas and will be delivered to the Darwin port. The pipes will then be transported to the Alice Springs rail yard, and then onto laydown areas located along the construction route. We will use local labour and services to support the project.


The Tanami Gas Pipeline will be built, operated and maintained to the highest safety standards, in accordance with the Pipeline Management Plan approved by the NT Department of Primary Industry and Resources.


The Pipeline Management Plan is being developed to ensure:

  • the pipeline is built to a standard that reduces the risks to an acceptable level; and
  • processes are in place to control the ongoing operational risks.


Traffic management plans for public roads used during construction will be developed and approved by Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics and local councils.


While we will adopt our Zero Harm policy in managing the safety of our employees, contrcators and service providers, we will conduct extensive consultation with NT WorkSafe to ensure all safety requirements are satisfied.


The environment and social responsibility

We’re focused on the long term care and sustainability of the environment.


We are currently in the process of undertaking an investigation to determine how this project will have an impact on cultural heritage. In addition, the project will also research impacts on flora and fauna, watercourse crossings, erosion, dust and waste management. Following this work, Heritage and Construction Environmental Management Plans will be issued to control and minimise any impacts.


Environmental considerations are unique to every project. As a long-term operator of gas transmission pipelines, we have experience in managing the environmental factors.



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