DBP Development Group (DDG)


DDG was established in 2011 to build, own, operate and maintain gas transmission pipelines and associated infrastructure complementary to DBNGP.


DDG utilises the resources of DBP, owner and operator of DBNGP under a Support Service Agreement (SSA). Under the agreement, DBP provides services and personnel to DDG to enable it to undertake its business. The SSA ensures that DDG’s capabilities are supported by DBP’s existing policies and systems and leadership of its highly experienced managers and personnel with over 30 years of successful operation of the DBNGP


To date, DDG owns and operate four pipelines under the provisions of Petroleum Pipelines Act 1969 in Western Australia which it owns and operates:PL103 – 110km, 16 inch Wheatstone Lateral traversing from the Chevron operated Wheatstone Domestic Gas Plant to the DBNGP at Compressor Station 2:


  • PL19 – 87km, 10 inch Tubridgi Lateral from Ashburton West Hub to Compressor Station 2;
  • The PL103 and PL19 combines into a single pipeline integrated system defined as Wheatstone Ashburton West Pipeline (WAWP) for Chevron (Australia) Pty Ltd as the Foundation Shipper;
  • PL105 – 270km, 16 inch Fortescue River Gas Pipeline (FRGP)from the DBNGP at Compressor Station 1 to TransAlta’s 125MW Solomon Power Station providing power to Fortescue Metals Group’s Solomon Hub iron ore mines;
  • PL16 – 87km, 6 inch Tubridgi Lateral from Ashburton West Hub to Compressor Station 2; and
  • PL20 – 5.9km, 9-inch Griffin Gas Onshore pipeline commencing from the North Carnarvon Basin shore point at low water mark to the Ashburton West Hub.


DDG is currently developing its third pipeline, the Ashburton Onslow Gas Pipeline (AOGP) comprising of the refurbishment of 87km,6 inch Tubridgi Pipeline (PL-16) and construction of a 23km,4 inch Onslow Lateral (PL-107) connecting Horizon Power’s proposed Onslow Power Station to the DBNGP at Compressor Station 2. This project is due to be completed in 2016 for Horizon Power as a Foundation Shipper.


DDG also owns Production License L9 (R1) under the provisions of Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Resources Act 1967 comprising of three (3) blocks constitutes of an area of 184 square kilometres in the Northern Carnarvon Basin,


In addition to its asset, DDG maintains third party asset infrastructure for Chevron and Horizon Power including the Gorgon DomGas Onshore Pipeline and Metering Station under a nine year contract commencing from June 2014. DDG has previously maintained and operated Pilbara Energy Pipeline and Port Hedland extension pipeline, currently owned by APA Group.


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