Dampier Bunbury Pipeline (DBP) is the operator of the privately owned Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline, Western Australia’s most important piece of energy infrastructure. DBP does not produce, buy, sell or trade gas. Rather it transports it from the domestic gas producing plants on the Pilbara Coast to demand centres in the Pilbara and South West of the State.


As WA’s key gas transmission pipeline, the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline stretches almost 1600 kilometres, linking the gas fields located in the Carnarvon Basin off the Pilbara coast directly to mining, industrial, commercial customers and via other distribution networks to residential customers.


While our principle role is the safe and reliable operatorship of the DBNGP, our expertise extends far beyond this. DBP is an experienced pipeline maintenance and integrity management operator, spending in excess of 112,000 hours on planned maintenance each year.


The pipeline has been in continuous operation since 1984, and has a remaining life of at least 50 years. The system consists of 27 turbine/compressor units located at 10 sites, which essentially push the gas through the length of the pipeline. The pipeline system has operated at 99% efficiency for the past 10 years.


DBP also provides design, project management and construction services to companies wishing to connect to the DBNGP for pipeline laterals, inlet connections and metering stations. In many cases, DBP is also chosen to provide ongoing maintenance and integrity services.


ABOUT the Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG):


The Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG) owns and operate infrastructure that delivers gas to more than two million Australian homes and businesses. We also deliver gas that supports the Australian economy – for power generators, mines and manufactures.


Our portfolio of companies delivers for customers across Australia. The combined distribution, transmission and storage assets make AGIG one of the largest gas infrastructure businesses in Australia.


Delivering for Australians


While our gas distribution networks date back almost 150 years, today AGIG includes the operations of the Dampier Bunbury Pipeline (DBP), Australian Gas Networks (AGN) and Multinet Gas Networks (MGN).


Together, we deliver for customers across the gas supply chain – with over 34,000km of distribution networks, more than 5,500km of transmission pipelines and 52 petajoules of storage capacity. We employ approximately 315 employees across Australia with more than 1,600 contractors working on our business.


AGIG is committed to ensuring our remote power customers are delivered the lowest cost of energy. This is achieved through combining renewables, batteries and potentially hydrogen with traditional fuel sources – also providing better carbon outcomes.


Invested in the future


Australian Gas Infrastructure Group is owned by various consortia of private sector entities listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. This includes CK Asset Holdings Ltd (CKA), CK Infrastructure Holdings Ltd (CKI), Power Assets Holdings Ltd (PAH) and CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd (CKH), all part of the CK Group – a leading global investor in energy and other infrastructure in the UK, Australia and other developed countries.


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